In Microsoft Outlook, creating a rule that files all mail from a specific address to a certain folder is easy. If you don't already have a folder set up for this purpose, create a new folder for the individual's email by right-clicking your inbox folder and selecting New Folder.

Instructions in this article apply to Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010, 2007; Outlook for Office 365; and Outlook on the web. 

How to Send Emails to a Folder in Outlook 2019 and 2016

To send messages from a particular sender to a designated folder:

  1. Open an email from the sender whose messages you want to filter.

    Screenshot of opening new message in Outlook
  2. Go to Message and select Rules > Create Rule.
    Screenshot of creating a rule in an email message in Outlook

  3. In the Create Rule dialog box, select the From [sender] check box.

    Screenshot of create rule from sender in Outlook
  4. In the Do the following section, select the Move the item to folder check box.

  5. In the Rules and Alerts dialog box, choose the folder where incoming messages from the sender will be moved.

    To create a new folder, select New, enter a name for the folder, and select OK.

    Screenshot of moving incoming emails to new folders
  6. Select OK when you're done. New emails you receive from the specified sender are stored in the folder you selected.