NOTE: Assignment of Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) will need to be set for each subscription in the portal.

How to set Team Venti as Digital Partner of Record (DPOR) for Azure.

  1. Login to your account at
  2. From the left navigation, select Subscriptions.

    • This maybe located under 'More services'.
    • Alternatively, you can select Billing
  3. Select a subscription from the Subscription table. Note: If you have multiple subscriptions you should follow the steps below for each of the subscriptions.
  4. From the Overview blade, select Partner information.Azure-DPOR-1.png
  5. Click the Update partner information link. Azure-DPOR-2.png
  6. This will redirect to a new page and open a Partner Information dialog box.  Azure-DPOR-3.png
  7. Input Team Venti's Partner ID: 2008818
  8. Click Check ID to see the name of the partner. Verify Partner name: Team Venti.
  9. Click the Check  to complete assigning your Partner of Record.