You can sign-in to our Office 365 self-management billing portal at by using your existing Office 365 admin credentials.

Note: If you get a permissions error but you are an admin, or you feel you should be one, please request access by sending an e-mail to

Upon first sign-in, you will have to read and accept the Cloud Agreement.

After accepting this agreement, you will find your dashboard, as shown below:

To the left side, you will find a few options: 

  • Users - Allows you to see and manage your current users or create new ones.
  • Subscriptions - Takes you to the Subscriptions page where you can update your amount of subscriptions or purchase a new product.
  • Profile - Lets you review and edit your current company information and payment details.
  • Invoices - Shows you a list of recent payments and invoices.
  • Support - Takes you to our support website.


From the Users screen you will find the following information:

  • User name.
  • Email address.
  • CSP Role. - The role assigned to the user in the portal.

From the "Actions" field you can:

  • Assign licenses.
  • Reset password.
  • Edit user details.
  • Grant access to the portal.

You can also create new users from the "Add new user" option.


From this screen you can see your current Active and past (Suspended) licenses, as well as their respective quantity, cost per license and total per month. You can also see if a license is active or suspended from the "Status" field.

You can add licenses from here. Just select "Add New Subscription" and select the product you want to purchase, and the amount of licenses you need.

If you want to add more licenses of an already purchased product, just select on "Edit" in the needed product line item, and change the amount of licenses to reflect the total of what you need.