The My Picture options window in Skype for Business is where you can change your sign-in settings to speed up the sign-in process, specify presence and calendar meeting information to display to others in Skype for Business, and tell Skype for Business how you want it to interact with other Office programs.


        Important:  If the Edit or Remove Picture button on the My Picture options window is dimmed (not available), your organization has turned off the option that allows users to change their picture settings. See your technical support staff if you have questions about this policy.


Here's how to access the My Picture options window:

  1. In the Skype for Business main window, click the Options button  The Options button in Skype for Business  and select My Picture, or click the arrow next to the Options button  The Options button in Skype for Business with the arrow on the right.  and select Tools > Options.
            The Options menu in Skype for Business.
  2.  On the Options page, select My Picture.
            My Picture options
  3. Note: If you've selected Show Menu Bar, you can open the options menu from the Skype for Business main window by clicking Tools > Options and then selecting My Picture.    

Hide my picture


Depending on how Skype for Business has been set up, you might be able to hide your picture from other Skype for Business users. Your contacts will see a blank outline of a person’s head instead of your picture.

  • To hide your picture from other Skype for Business users, click Hide my picture, and then click OK.

Show my picture


If your organization has set up Skype for Business so it shows people’s pictures with their other contact information, your corporate directory picture is automatically displayed. If you’re satisfied with the picture, you don’t need to make any changes to the settings in this window.


Change my picture


If the Edit or Remove Picture button is dimmed, your organization has decided not to let users change their pictures. If you can change your picture, here’s how to do it. 

Use a picture from your computer or an external drive

  1. Click Edit or Remove Picture.

  2. An Outlook window will open, depending on how your system has been set up.


    If you’ve been taken to an Exchange window, do the following: 

    1. Click Edit Icon > Upload photo > Browse.

    2. In the Change Photo window, click Save. If a message is displayed that asks if you want to close the window, click Yes.

    3. Navigate to where your replacement picture is stored (this can be on your computer or on an external or network drive). Your replacement picture can be any size or type, including HD (high-definition).

    4. Double-click the file.


          Note:  After you’ve changed your picture, it may take a little while before the new picture appears.