1. Enable web server.

This step is optional. Web server is set as disabled by default on most Polycom phones, and will need to be enabled for the rest of the steps, but if you have enabled this before, it's not needed to do it again.

  1. On the phone, go to Home > Settings > Advanced (Admin password: 456) > Administration settings > Web Server Configuration (Scroll down) and set "Web Server" as Enabled and Web Config Mode as "Https Only".
  2. The phone will reboot.

2. Obtain your phone's IP address.

  1. On the phone, go to Home > Settings > Status > Network > TCP / IP Parameters.
  2. Type down your phone's IP address.

3. Access web server on a computer browser.

  1. On a web browser, access your phone's IP address. It should look something like: if you get a security warning, select Continue anyway (Wording may vary depending on web browser).
  2. Select Login as Admin, and Password: 456.

4. Upgrade your phone to the latest version.

This step is also optional, and only needed when you're using your phone for the first time, or you haven't updated in a while.

  1. From the web admin console, go to Utilities > Software Upgrade.
  2. Select Server Type "Polycom Hosted Server" and click on "Check for Updates".
  3. From the dropdown below, please choose the version that you would like to install. On some models, there will be colored indicators, with Red indicating a past version, and Green indicating a new upgraded version.
  4. After you choose the needed version, click on Install and let the installation run. The phone will reboot afterwards.

5. Log-In with your phone

  1. From the web admin console, go to Settings > Skype for Business SignIn.
  2. Set Use User Credentials as "Enabled".
  3. Authentication Type as User Credentials.
  4. Enter your sign-in address in "Sign-In Address" and "User", then your Password in the proper field.
  5. Click on SignIn.